Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth becomes badly decayed or damaged, a root canal treatment can sometimes be used to save the tooth.

 The inside of your tooth is made out of pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves. When the inside pulp of a tooth becomes badly infected, you may need a root canal. A root canal is the removal of the pulp of the tooth which can end up saving the tooth. Your adult teeth can live without pulp because they are able to get nutrients from the surrounding teeth. During root canal treatment, we will clean out the canals of your teeth and disinfect them to avoid any future disease or infection. We will also reshape and fill the canal space in the tooth. After we have cleaned out space, we will then place a crown on top of the tooth to help restore and protect it from any further damage. The crown will act as a natural tooth and will help you to chew and speak normally. It is also custom-made and will look just like your other, natural teeth.  

Having a root canal has many advantages, but the big one is that it saves your natural tooth and prevents the need for an extraction. It is important to preserve your natural teeth at all costs. When you lose a tooth, you are much more susceptible to developing other health issues such as jaw bone deterioration, moving teeth, and a sunken face. When your a tooth becomes diseased or damaged to the point of needing root canal therapy, it is often incredibly painful and problematic for your oral health. A root canal will help get rid of this pain and prevent any further damage. With advances in endodontic technology, root canals are now pain-free and cost-effective. They are also cosmetically pleasing and overall an extremely efficient way to save your natural teeth.