Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most permanent and efficient methods of replacing missing teeth. 

Dental implants are composed of a titanium base that is implanted into the gum and capped off by a custom-made dental crown. Dental implants are ideal for patients who are missing one or more teeth. They are long-lasting and are crafted to look just like your other natural teeth, so no one will be able to tell that you have an implant. The placement of dental implants requires multiple visits over the course of a few months, but with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. A good candidate for dental implants must be in good health and have enough jaw bone mass to support an implant. 

When you lose your teeth, your oral health can suffer some serious consequences. For instance, the area around the missing tooth is much more prone to disease and infection. The remaining teeth around where the tooth used to be can begin to shift and move, which can change the alignment of your bite and be a cosmetic nightmare. Many people with missing teeth also experience a “sunken face” phenomenon where the cheekbones develop a sunken look. This can make you look prematurely aged and unhealthy. 

Dental implants offer a wide variety of benefits. A dental implant is your permanent solution to missing teeth. They are preferred over other tooth replacement options, such as dentures which can move and slide around in your mouth. Because dental implants fuse to your jaw, they stay in one place. Implants are strong and durable and can help you chew your food properly and speak with confidence. Cosmetically, they will look just like your other natural teeth and restore your smile to make it look as good as new again. They will also reverse the sunken face effect and have you looking and feeling young and healthy again.. If you are missing one or more teeth and looking for a replacement option, dental implants may be the answer for you.