A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option that anchors a replacement tooth to your remaining, natural teeth. 

When you are missing one or more teeth, it can be difficult to do simple things such as speaking, eating, and biting. One of the many options you have for tooth replacement is a dental bridge. A dental bridge connects to two of your natural teeth on either side of the replacement. These are called the abutments. 

Dental bridges will require a few different appointments before they can be placed. To begin, we will start removing the enamel of your abutment teeth, which will be fitted with dental crowns. We will also take impressions of your teeth to try to match the bridge and crowns to your other natural teeth. This will help make the bridge look as natural as possible. We will place a temporary bridge that you can wear while your permanent bridge is being crafted so that you are not forced to go toothless. It is important to properly care for your bridge by brushing and flossing regularly and utilizing a fluoride mouth rinse. 

There are many benefits to dental bridges. When you are missing one or more teeth, you are much more prone to developing oral complications. For instance, space where the missing tooth used to be is much more prone to bacteria buildup and infection. The teeth surrounding where the tooth used to be will begin to shift and move. This can change the look of your smile and can disrupt your bite, which can lead to jaw problems and pain. When you are missing teeth, the muscles in your face begin to sag and begin to appear sunken. With a dental bridge, you can prevent any of these complications from developing. You will also be able to eat, speak, and chew just like normal. Because of the customization of dental crowns, your smile will be restored back to normal.